Regional conference on “Youth policy engagement and promotion for civic education on good governance” Report

Date 02/04/2013

The final phase of the project ‘Youth policy engagement and promotion for civic education on good governance’ which was supported by Open Society Afghanistan (OSA) and implemented by Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO) took place on 02/04/2013. The conference was conducted in Women Affairs Department Hall in Dai Kondi province and more than 100 participants from Regional office of AIHRC, Civil Society, Dai Kondi Provincial Council, Students and Professors of Naser Khisrow Balkhi Higher Education Institute, Department of Women Affairs, Department of pilgrimage and religious, Department of anti-narcotic, Department of Public work, Independent Election commission, Department of Youth, Department of environment, Department of private sector, Radio Dai Kondi and Radio Nasim joined the conference. The participants assessed different aspects of the youth challenges, demands and opportunities and discussed their engagement in good governance.

Below is the brief view of the participants and speakers:

Jawad Dadgar, Head of the regional office of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) evaluated the challenges of Dai kondi youth in three points. He said that the youth faced Economic problems, Education and unemployment problems. He added that good governance in Dai kondi province confront with such challenges which solving of these problems lead ensuring of good governance in this province.

Rahmatuallh Shariati, representative of civil society discussed the youth challenges and divided them into three categories:

1-      Traditional youth

2-      Apparent modern youth

3-      Cultural, prober and warrior youth; which this category trying to recognize both tradition and Modernism and by understanding of both, trying to propose solution. He mentioned that the role of third category youth in good governance is very important. He requested the government to invest on the talent of these youth and get their advice for solving the crises of good governance in the country.

Zakia Rezai, Head of Women Department Affairs, more focused on potential force of women and girls in her speech. She said that the girls confront many problems in this society which by solving such problems, they can play their role in good governance. She called girls and women of Dai kondi to get out their homes and engage in social, political and cultural activities of the community. Men should not look at them negatively and should not judge them by their traditional and backward mind so that they should take part for ensuring good governance. It is incontestable that women and girls can play important role for good governance, they have the talent but government authority and international community should provide the opportunity for them to utilize their talent and power towards leading good governance.

Azim Basharmal, representative of HREVO, who specially traveled from main office, delivered speech on behalf of main office. He said in order to provide the opportunity for youth to take part in good government we need to review, evaluate the triple triangle of power, wealth and knowledge in society and based on these evaluation, we should propose solution for more engagement and role of youth in different aspect of community. Because the root of good governance in the community stands on knowledge means culture, wealth means economy and power means politics. With review and analysis of these three sources and propose solution for the imperfections of the society, surly good governance will be realized. He called the youth to have researcher and criticize identity to lead the opportunity for realizing good governance in the country.

Anwar Rahimi, youth activist and student of social science delivered speech on the role of youth in realization of democracy. He mentioned that democracy is the result of positive experience of modern world. The new universe is known with the values of democracy, therefore, youth should put their effort to realize democracy which leads the opportunity for ensuring good governance. He asked the youth to consider the following points for realization of democracy in the country:

1-      Do not have instrumental view towards democracy.

2-      Youth should endeavor to understand the values of democracy and realize it in Afghan context.

3-      Youth should try to promote the culture of democracy through media and civil society.

Mr. Erfani, University professor and head of religious and pilgrimage department of Dai kondi province, described the role of youth in good governance valuable and said that youth should not only try to get the certificate of schools and universities but also should try to gain knowledge. If youth study and promote culture of book reading in the society then they can play their role in good governance by high awareness from positive impact of good governance.

The second part of the conference was comprised of penal discussion. The panelists were included Mr. Alizada, the head of Naser Khisrow institute of higher education, Mr. Erfani, Zakia Rezai and Basharmal representative of HREVO. The panelists discussed the role of youth in good governance and participants questioned them accordingly. Good discussion opportunity was provided for the participants and shared their ideas for ensuring good governance and promote role of youth as real actors of the society.

At the end of the conference, the participants released a resolution with regard to the youth challenges and solution for engaging in good governance in Dai Kondi province.

The conference ended at 2:00 pm after serving launch


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