Position: Project Manager
Organization: HREVO
Vacancy Number: 097-2017
Education: University
Duty Station: Kabul
City: Kabul
Duration: 8Month
No of Jobs:1
Nationality: Afghan
Sex: Female/Male
Salary Range: based on organization salary scale
Announcing Date: 1st Dec-2017
Closing Date: 10 Dec-2017
Job Type: Full-Time
Shift :8 AM to 4 PM
Experience: 3Years
Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO) is Non-Governmental Civil Society Organization registered with ministry of economy and contribute to promote human rights and civil society values, support peace and democracy, strengthening good governance and rule of law in Afghanistan through conducting of advocacy, awareness raising, educational, capacity building and research program with focus on vulnerable and marginalized segment of afghan society especially women, disables, children and youth to make self-sufficient . HREVO is working with national and international organization to achieve its goal and objectives.
Job Description of Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for the management of project activities / implementation in accordance with project requirements, HREVO strategy and policy guidelines set out by annual programs and main office. He / She mainly undertake the responsibility of project titled “Training and Empowerment of Young Professional Advocates of Afghanistan” in the field. These include all operation coordination related to quality implementation of Clinical Legal Education (CLE) trainings, stakeholders and beneficiaries, project planning, monitoring, communication and reporting to related organizations.
Job Summary & key functions:
The post holder is basically responsible for the project planning, executive coordination, communication and staff performance appraisal with following details:

1. Project Planning
A. Make sure that all project planning / action plan is made in association with other Provincial Coordinators and legal Advisor in accordance with project planning set out in project proposal,
B. Coordinate all project planning and operational activities with the HRVEO management, project partners and stakeholders to ensure quality project execution,
C. Ensure that every unit prepared their own detailed working plan in weekly and monthly basis to be reported to administration for financial coordination.
D. Assist to develop job description for all project staffs on the basis of project requirements,
E. Provide technical assistance to the Provincial Coordinators in the area of project planning, monitoring and reporting if required.

2. Executive Coordination
A. Supervise on daily program staff’s performances, field works, project quality implementation and staff field reporting,
B. Coordinate all program activities with HRVEO management for approval, administrative and financial departments for expenses planning and supports required,
C. Make needs assessment for project trainings, communicate all needs / materials required to Admin Team and support smooth execution of project,
D. Work closely with Provincial Coordinators to ensure delivery of timely field reports, working plan and other project related issues,
E. Provide coordination assistance between Provincial Coordinators and Admin Team on project financial and operation issues,
F. Make sure that all project materials are properly maintained by initiating professional filing system with proper categories, serial numbers and separation,
G. Provide coordination assistance to Project Legal Advisor along with other project staffs on the production of policy briefing and other training manuals.

3. Project Recruitment and Staff Performance Appraisal
A. Provide executive coordination on applying human resources policy and procedures on recruitment process, contracts, benefit package and staff performance appraisal,
B. Supervise on establishment of personnel file for all HRVEO staffs including CVs, certificates, ID cards, contracts, hiring and firing documents, appraisals forms and other personal documents,
C. Provide necessary coordination on arrangement of timely staff payroll including advance approval of necessary documents, preparation of salary receipt sheet and timely payment
D. Supervise and guide M&E Officer to prepare/develop over all monitoring plans, tools and checklists in accordance with project proposal and M&E general frameworks,
E. Ensure that monthly M&E plan and t follow up visits of the corrective action plans are made to ensure quality project Performance Appraisal,
F. To coordinate the meeting on reviewing the progress of quality assurance system in close cooperation with provincial managers and HQ office on monthly basis,

4. Communication and Reporting
A. Ensure timely professional communication and coordination with relevant state and non-state organizations,
B. Ensure regular communication with donor and implementing partners for further project coordination and collaboration,
C. Work closely with Provincial Coordinators to ensure delivery of timely field reports, working plan and other project related issues,
D. Coordinate all project purchasing/orders with Admin Dept. to be smoothly taken place in timely manner,
E. Responsible for all project reports to donor organizations, implementing partners, government institutions and HRVEO management.
F. Ensure that all project related issues are properly recorded, classified, analysed and reported to related person / organization in timely manner.
G. Make sure that all project narrative reports are timely drafted, finalized and shared with related organizations in accordance with the project requirements.
H. Contribute to build up relationship and keep regular communication with donor NGOs for the purpose of fund-raising and grand

Job Requirements & qualification:
The required qualifications for the Project Manager‘s position are:

1. Experience – Three to five years of progressively responsible for the project coordination in terms of the job tasks and responsibilities outlined above required.
2. Education – Minimum Bachelor, preferably Master’s Degree in Social science, project management or development studies, public administration
3. Language Skills – Level V English capability required, fluent in Dari and Pashto & Excellent communication skills in report writing.
4. Computer Skills – Advanced skills in using word processing and spreadsheet MS Word, Excel, as well as electronic communications programs required.
5. Self-Motivation and Guidance – Demonstrated initiative and self-motivation in handling all assigned tasks required ability to work under pressure.
6. Travel –will be available for travel around the country (including overnight stays for up to several days), as required by the overall needs of the program.
7. Flexible to work with the ordinary people, victims and widows.
8. Comfortable with participatory theatre works with the public in Pashtu & Dari.
9. Able to work in multi-cultural environment, self-motivated & interpersonal skills required.
Submission Guideline
Send resume and cover letter to the attention of HREVO main office via email at with the specific VA number in the subject line. Only those candidates whose experience and qualifications meet the program requirements will be contacted.
HREVO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from all qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.