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Women don’t have role in decision making process of the province. Activities for breaking the status quo has not be implemented by government or non-government organizations.

Women who are working as teachers faced the problem that their husband considered their right on the salary of such working women. Their husband also think that they have right to permit them to work or not.

The overall view of people of the targeted area and specially that of Mullahs were that NGOs are implementing foreign agenda and NGOs are advocating on the issues which are against Islam.

The problem exists because the targeted area is a traditional and static and they don’t have information on women rights. Their stance on women is male dominated and they consider women their property.

HREVO want to enhance the level of information of the targeted area with respect to women rights and role of women in a society.

This program is important because it train and enhance the level of information of the targeted community on women rights and bring changes in the thinking of the people on the status of women.

Program Activities

The project contained of 5 different cross cutting multiplying activities including community dialogues, training workshops, dissemination of posters and brochures, Radio programs and holding of a provincial conference.

During the discussion the officials of HREVO explained the importance of women rights in the context of laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The main beneficiary of the project was women and the goal was achieved by addressing all the segments of the community including community stakeholders, Mullahs, social activists, NGO and government officials.


Participation of male with women in training workshop and provincial conference: Initially community members were reluctant of participation in male gathering and they were saying that such an activity has not been implementedin the area. Community members were convinced by HREVO official by telling them the benefits of women the training and said that women should participate in the training even if they do it in veils. Finally the community members agreed and said that women are their own sisters and they should participate for increasing their knowledge. Mullahs advocated and explained the high status of women in Islam and Afghan society. The Mullahs in the workshops said that BAD marriages should not be made and said it is not according to the provision of religion.

It was for the first time in the communities where women were taking part with male in a gathering. Mr. Ziaee (representative of Ulema Council) while addressing in provincial conference said that after advent of Islam the high status was given to women and the traditions of female child infanticide (burying  alive) was prohibited.

Women right to work: After attending the training workshops the trainees got the info that working women (female teacher) have sole right on their salaries and also women has the right to work. The trainees also got the information that they have right of maintenance on their husbands.

Violence against women: The view of the participants before workshops and dialogue sessions were that beating of women is right of man. The issue was discussed with them in details and different arguments were presented regarding status and respect of women. After discussion and argumentation the participants accepted that no one has the right to beat women and under EVAW law it is a punishable offence.

BAD Marriages: The participants of the workshops and dialogues sessions accepted that BAD marriages are against law and morality therefore, it should not be made.

Government officials Support: Mr. Abdula Jabar Haqbeen the Wali (governor) himself participated in the provincial conference and delivered speech on the role of women in a society. He said that without women participation a progressive society is not possible and stressed that women should participate in all sphere of the community life as women are more than 50% of our society. He mentioned that women had active role in Islamic history and encouraged that women should take part in all national spheres. He emphasized on the female education. He showed his strong commitment for women empowerment and encouraged that such like projects should be implemented in the province and such organizations will be supported by the office. He very specifically requested the Embassy of the Finland that the project should be once again extended in the province as the problems of women are numerous and previously such like initiative has not been implemented in the province.

Ms. Nasima Aarzo the head of women affairs participated in the provincial conference and delivered a speech on the role of women. While refereeing to the problems of the women in the province, she mentioned the point that women have got enough information regarding their rights because of the project. She said that the project was coordinated with the office of women affairs both at the centre and district level. She said women are faced with a lot of problems in the province and asked that judicial and police should support women regarding the violence they face. People of the province have got a lot of information on women rights because of the project. She requested Mullahs and the religious scholars to support women rights. She also requested for extension of the project as it had very positive effect regarding women rights in the province.

Provincial Council: Ms. Masooma Ramazni participated in the provincial conference, while delivering her speech, she mentioned that from legal point of view women have equal rights with men. She said illiteracy and unwanted traditions is hurdle in the way of women development. She said that women should be educated, economic opportunities should be created for women and awareness of community should be enhanced regarding women rights and in this way a women will be empowered.

Qomandani (Police Department of Sar-e-Pul) in a meeting showed his full support in implementation of the project. Their representatives also participated in the training workshops.


The project had an overall positive effect on different level of society for promotion of women rights and women empowerment. On governmental level the project was welcome and supported by high profile government officials. The governor, the head of provincial Women Affairs Department, Haj wa Awqaf, Education Department, Secretary Provincial Council and head of Qomandani (police department) participated in the training workshops and the conference. The government official mentioned that from legal point of view women have equal rights with men and further said that illiteracy and unwanted traditions is hurdle in the way of women development. All of them emphasized on the role of women in a society and showed their strong commitment to work for women empowerment.