Our Board

The Board of Directors (BoD) is the main body of organization and playing vital role in overall operation of the organization.

The formation, rights and duties of the Board has been described in the article 11 of the constitution of the organization which says:
Article eleven: Board:
1- The Directorate board of the organization is always active; it includes three persons as Chairperson and two persons outside organization.
2- All decisions of the Directorate boards are made based on absolute majority votes.
3-The Directorate board is responsible to implement decision of General Assembly.
There are different level meetings if the Board, first is the Annual Meeting of the Board which is made on yearly basis. In this meeting the overall activities of HREVO is assessed in the light of the recommendations of the General Assembly.
The second type of Board Meetings is the monthly Meetings where different issues and the progress of the activities are assessed.

The third type of Board Meetings is the Emergency Meetings where any special and urgent issue is discussed. This type of meeting can be held any time depending upon the degree of urgency of the issue.
Main tasks of the Board: According to the article 12 of the organization, the Board has the following authorities.

1-design programs and decides about the all affairs of the organization.
2-manage and control from good will implementation of the tasks.
3-keep and maintain carry able and non-carry able properties and things.
4-implement plan and programs of the organization.
5- Offer reports of activities to the authorities foundations.
6- Survey and evaluate department’s tasks.
7- Elect and appoint the officials of the sub-offices.
8- Sign contract and agreement with National and International organization in the frames of law.
9- Appoint the limitation of the salaries.
10-provide tools and instrument for the departments to perform their tasks.
11-decide to increase and decrease logistic and finance tools.
12-appoint and dismiss the members and employees of the organization.
13- Provide and implement the internal decisions, guidelines and by-law.

HREVO was able to improve its management capacity to greater extent by employing more qualified and quick learner employees. The employees are equipped with the tools to run the organization more
efficiently. Moreover, special capacity building training have been implemented for enhancing the capacities of the organization e.g. QuickBooks, management and English reporting skills.
The required tools for good management e.g. computer accessories and software has been provided for the organization which helped a lot in the better implementation of the activities.
Monitoring by Board: The boards members were able to meet on quarterly basis where the report implemented activities was presented and also the work plan for coming quarter. The board used to consider the progress in the activities and also used to note the problems in the way of activities. In order to solve the problems, the board members used to consider different option and the responsible person was identified. The Board members also take part in solving hurdles in the way of the activities. The members communicated and referred the issues to relevant authorities and sought solution for it.