The overall organizational structure of HREVO is composed of 3 main pillars:

 ⇒General Body  ⇒Board of Directors  ⇒Management Team

General Body

General body consists of old and prospective Board members of the organization, from which the board members are selected. During the last quarter of each fiscal year of the organization the board of directors shall elect Directors to replace those whose terms will expire at the end of the fiscal year. This election shall take place during annual meeting of the directors, called in accordance with the provisions of organizations’ bylaws.

Management Team

The management team is led by the Executive Director. Management team is responsible for implementation of projects plans and policies enacted by the Board of Directors and under the instructions of the Executive Director. Management team consists of necessary managers and support staff that are engaged in daily operations of the organization as per the plans set out.

Board of Directors

In accordance to its bylaw, HREVO has an independent Board of Directors (Board) that is comprised of well-known people from academia and development sector. The Board members have a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of non-profit work. They are committed to a development process that is based on the long-term needs and tranquility of the people. The board sets the organization long-term policies, reviews and approves the three-year strategy, provides regular and continuous advice and support to the Executive Director, supervises the work of the director and its administrative team, and provides timely feedback on program implementation.

Organizational Organogram

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