Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO) was officially registered with Ministry of Economy, Government of Afghanistan in the year 2009, under the license number 1559. Since its establishment, HREVO has been one of the leading organizations in in the country emphasizing on human rights with special focus on women rights, eradication of violence and awareness rising on relevant themes. It is composed of lawyers, advocates, academic professors, civil society activists, human rights defenders who have good reputation and good past records.


The vision of HREVO is to ‚ÄúSociety without violence where human rights and civil society values institutionalized‚ÄĚ and our mission is to promote human rights and civil society, support peace and democracy, strengthening of good governance and rule of law in Afghanistan through conducting of advocacy, awareness raising, education, capacity building and research program with focus on vulnerable and marginalized segment of Afghan society especially women, disables, children and youth to make them self-sufficient.


Young female and male members of the organization put their efforts for more development of the organization as they have performed in the past three years. HREVO during the first year of its establishment; HREVO was able to implement small activities of survey and advocacy. During the second year, the organization extended its activities and implemented projects even at provincial level. In the third year of its establishment, HREVO enhanced its implementation capacities and implemented more projects. During third year the organization was able to further go to provinces and implemented activities in remote provinces like Ghor. Since HREVO is a young organization, therefore, its learning capacities are also very much fast. The personnel of the organization learnt a lot of lessons during implementation of the activities. The number of the employees and site offices of the organization has also increased with extended network.


In accordance to bylaw, HREVO has an independent Board of Directors (BoD) that comprises people from academia and development sector. The BoD has a vast experience in and an un-relinquishing commitment to people-centered development. It sets the organizational policy, monitors it and provides timely feed-back on programme implementation. The responsibility for the execution of the board policies rests with the Executive Director who at the head office has a team of technical experts in fields of finance, administration, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation and coordination etc. This team not only provides technical support but also maintains quality control standards. In addition it also liaises with donors and mobilizes resources.


HREVO is a Not for Profit organization and is exempted from taxes and duties in Afghanistan. HREVO was initially supported financially by its board of directors for almost 10 months. Later the donor funded projects started coming to the organization and the day to day expenses are now met out through the operations of the project activities. The board of directors also contributes to the cause of running the office expenses and in the presence of ongoing projects, the contribution from the board members is added to the reserves of the organization that can be used during the rainy days.


Currently, HREVO focus area of activities is as below:


Human Right and non-violence:


Defense from fundamental rights and liberties of the citizens as freedom of speech, invasion immunity, illegal arrest, arbitrary detention, equality before the law, access to justice and due process,implement transitional justice process, equal rights to access education, right of freedom to elect domicile, occupation and spouse, struggle and prevent all forms of racial, gender and religious discrimination and eradicate any kinds of physical and mental violence against vulnerable groups as women, children, disabilities through amendment and drafting of laws, create protecting mechanisms,advocacy, awareness raising, research, education and capacity building for those who are at rick and victim of human rights violations with cooperation of national and international organization in all over the country first and foremost in undeserved areas.


Peace Building:


HREVO committed to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan and struggled with war and conflict as worst form of violence with regrade and respect on rule of civil society,women and new generation through strengthening of civil society, conducting peace building and conflict resolution program.


Democracy and Good Governance:


Strengthening of democracy and good governance are the main focus areas of the HREVO and organization believes that only through democratic process Afghanistan will survive form war HREVO is strongly interested to take part in stabilization of democracy and good governance in Afghanistan for this purpose HREVO committed to increase awareness of afghan citizen on democratic values, strengthening of rule of law, capacity building of government, strengthening of mechanism to monitor government and increasing government transparency and accountability.




HREVO perceive youth (female and male) as the real asset of Afghanistan who will shape the future. Aware and concerned Afghan youth will bring change in the whole environment and will pave way for a peaceful and prosperous society. HREVO has the strategy of involving youth in all of the activities for bringing them in the mainstream.