HREVO is an independent, non-for-profit and youth-led Afghan organization founded in 2009 by a group of dedicated individuals comprised of lawyers, human rights and civil society activists and advocates academics and development professionals who all have been involved in different sectors of non-governmental work over the last decade. As a rapidly growing organization, HREVO has established itself as one of the leading and active civil society organizations in Afghanistan🇦🇫 particularly in the areas of human rights, women’s rights, peace building and good governance.

The HREVO’s commitment to promoting further coordination and cooperation among civil society groups has earned it a great deal of respect among all Afghan civil society organizations and also the relevant international NGOs and the donor community. More importantly, over the past nine years HREVO has been able to establish a good relationship with local governments and local communities in the provinces and districts where HREVO is active. This relationship has played a crucial role in the successful implementation of numerous projects that HREVO have implemented in some of the remote districts of the country.

HREVO has been able to reach to the far flung remote areas (directly or through partners) of Afghanistan. The organization has implemented dozens of different projects in the areas of advocacy, rule of law, civic education, access to justice, youth-participation, peace building and research. As a result, HREVO has established the widest network of grass-root Civil Society Organizations, donors, partners, and committed individuals all over Afghanistan with around 386 members and partners (186 member organizations, 200 individual members).

HREVO Regional and provincial Offices are located in Balkh, Nangarhar, Herat and Bamyan provinces and implements the projects in Daikunidi, Balkh, Nangarhar, Laghman, Kandahar, Samangan, Ghor, Herat and Parwan provinces. 


Official Registrations

Ministry of Economy – MoE

Official Affiliations

Ministry of Women’s’ Affairs – MoWA

Ministry of Higher Education – MHE

Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled – MMD

Formal Memberships                  

  1. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission (AIHRC) 
  2.  Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA)                
  3. Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA)
  4. Youth affairs deputy of information and culture ministry (MoU)
  5. High Office of Oversight & Anti-Corruption (HOOAC) (MoU)
  6. Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN)
  7. Afghanistan Civil Society Organization Network for Peace
  8. Coordination Group on Transitional Justice (CGTJ)
  9. Youths Coordination Group (YCG)
  10. Rule of Law Coordination Group (RLCG)
  11. Family Law Coordination Group (FLCG

Our Vision

HREVO strives to contribute to a society where every citizen’s rights are respected and protected, and every citizen lives in a peaceful and civic environment, free of all forms of violence, and where citizens are informed socially and politically and as a result can hold their government accountable without the fear of facing any subsequent prosecution.

Our Mission

HREVO is a youth-led and youth centric non-governmental organization, working with different strata of society, with a special focus on youth, all over Afghanistan to meaningfully promote human rights, peace, good governance and the rule of law, and reduce violence. HREVO works with local communities and their youth members to conduct its grassroots mobilization, and give its advocacy a true local touch and engagement. HREVO emphasizes on efficient and continued coordination and cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, particularly Afghan civil society organizations, formal and informal youth groups, other governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the donor community. HREVO strives to bring Afghan youth in the forefront of all development-related activities, and regards this approach as the only way to long-term change in the country.


A sustainable strategy is devised to achieve the maximum, a need based human rights and right-based approaches have been instigated that ascertains the problem with community involvement and mobilizing all indigenous and local resources. The program goals are materialized with a helping hand from member donor agencies, civil society partners, community and national institutions.

Strategic Organizational Goal

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedom in Afghanistan

Strategic Objectives

  1. Promote and Protect Human Rights and Women’s Rights.
  2. Reduce Violence against Women.
  3. Promote and Strengthen Peace and Approaches to Peaceful Conflict Resolution.
  4. Promote and Strengthen Good Governance and the Rule of Law.


HREVO acts with integrity and honesty in the design, implementation and evaluation of all its programs, and in its relationship with the beneficiaries, donors and partners. 

HREVO is working with youth to foster positive change, and empower them to act as agents of change in their communities.

HREVO is committed to work in a close partnership with youth associations, and garner their active engagement in all of its programs and projects. HREVO believes in youth’s capabilities and puts it at the forefront of its activities and decision makings.


HREVO firmly believes in people’s knowledge of their own community affairs. It is thus committed to put the people in the leadership position when it comes to deciding about their local problems and how to find solutions to address them.


Human rights promotion
Eliminating Violence against Women
Youth Empowerment
Education and Awareness raising
Women Empowerment
Democracy and Peace promotion